Social Media Tips: Taking Pictures for Social Media and the Internet

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December 28, 2013
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Social Media Tips: Taking Pictures for Social Media and the Internet

Social Media Profile PicturesIn the not so distant past, you used to have to use a stand-alone digital camera to take pictures.  You would then need to go through the tedious process of uploading them to your computer, saving them, rotating them so that they face the correct way, and then you could post pictures on social media.  However, as the built in cameras in today’s smart phones got more megapixels and better features, people began to use their smart phone as their main camera because they could post pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at rapid speed. 

It is estimated that 26 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second![1]  But the ability to post things on social media websites and the Internet in a few seconds can sometimes mean that pictures aren’t the best quality.  Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that your selfies, food pictures, and artistic snapshots are social media and Internet ready.

Here are three social media tips to make your profile picture #amazing.

Tip 1: Leave some buffer space around the focal point of the picture so you can crop the picture later.  There is nothing worse than realizing you can’t fit the entire picture in Instagram’s dimensions.

Tip 2: When possible, let the natural light present illuminate your picture instead of a flash.  The pictures will look immensely better.

Tip 3: Use #hashtags sparingly, and pick the right ones.   While you may be tempted to include as many hashtags as possible for one image, try and limit yourself if you are posting to multiple social media websites.  Too many hashtags can be annoying to the people looking at your photos.  If you want to see which hashtags are trending or popular, try these websites:   or

Trick 1: Smartphone’s lack wide angle, macro, fisheye, and telephoto capabilities, but there are plenty of attachments from 3rd parties on the market now.  These lenses are great for giving your social media snapshots an artistic edge.  You can also turn a cheap laser pointer into a macro lens.  Read more about that here:

Trick 2: Know how to use different angles.  Camera lenses of all kinds – even on smartphones – are usually made of some sort of domed or curved glass. Changing the orientation of the camera to the subject can alter the style of the shot and bring some creative elements to your photos.[2] A couple suggestions for popular photos:

a.If its food, then try a 45 degree angle

b.If it’s a pet, go for the close up from above the pet

c.If it’s a landscape, try a lower perspective

It is important to note that shutter clicks aren’t just for kids! If you are a business owner and have started to explore the world of social media and photo sharing, you are on the right track! Not only is it beneficial for brand awareness, but you are giving your audience a chance to interact with you and establishing connections! Take these few tips and tricks and snap away!





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