Starbucks Excels in Social Media Marketing

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November 14, 2012
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November 17, 2012
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Starbucks Excels in Social Media Marketing

Starbucks Excels in Social Media Marketing

Starbucks has done an excellent job maintaining their honest and sincere brand identity as they continue to conquer the world of social media.  Over the last few years we have seen an increase in companies turning to social media but Starbucks was one of the first to successfully implement social media into their marketing campaign. How can you tailor Starbucks’ approach to meet your company’s marketing goals?  

In general, as a consumer or marketer, we know that bombarding customers with our product will only agitate them. With this in mind, Starbucks took to the web and created a friendly, informative atmosphere for its patrons.   

Back in 2008 when Starbucks’ Facebook Fanpage was originally created, Starbucks was adamant about posting videos, blogs, photos, and invitations for their fans.  The goal was to become “friends” with Starbucks enthusiasts.  This similar mentality followed Starbucks to Twitter where they did an excellent job creating a personality and connecting with their followers by answering questions, retweeting, and responding to their ideas. Starbucks has held a number of promotions to increase engagement on their pages. One example is when they posted an offer for free pastries on its Facebook page, allowing customers to access a coupon that awarded them a free pastry with the purchase of a coffee drink.

Most recently Starbucks has incorporated YouTube into their social media marketing strategy.  Starbucks uploads videos of commercials as well as informational videos explaining the origins of the different coffee blends and some of their charity work videos.

Starbucks has successfully driven community engagement, promotions, and insight – all without bragging about their products.  On their website Starbucks has provided a link to their “My Starbucks Idea” page where Starbucks fans can provide ideas and recommendations that can better their experience. Some ideas that originated from this page include getting free drinks on your birthday or buying ten cups of coffee and getting the eleventh one free.  Each idea that is submitted is reviewed and then launched upon approval.  The website also allows other fans to comment on any idea that has been submitted to say what they think about it and Starbucks does an excellent job keeping their fans updated on the status of their ideas. 

Starbucks successfully incorporates social media in its marketing efforts through the emphasis of bringing its customers closer and giving them a voice to be heard. Their interactive approach and loyalty program put their customers at the forefront of their marketing campaign, making their patrons feel valued. With that in mind, your company stands to gain a lot from this insight into Starbucks’ social media marketing campaign to heighten your brand awareness, increase online engagement, and build a loyal fan base.

by Sureena Johl, Creatine Marketing

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