Still Not Sure About Social Media for Business?

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July 17, 2012
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Still Not Sure About Social Media for Business?

Social Media for Business

Are you a new company looking to utilize social media to enhance your brand awareness? If you are, you are probably finding yourself trying to determine what platform to utilize.

The first step as a startup is to determine what platforms to utilize. In general, each social media platform has its own specific purposes:

Facebook: Considered the most universal and well-known social media platform, Facebook allows you to create and manage a brand page with the potential of creating an online community in which you can communicate with the public in a more personal manner.

Twitter: The average tweeters are between 18 and 29 years old and enjoy up-to-date information. With a limit of 140 characters, Twitter is best for short, to-the-point messages and is a great tool for searching specific subjects and monitoring your brand.

YouTube: This video platform is perfect for individuals wanting to show a service or product. It is a great tool to help drive traffic to your site, and to demonstrate your expertise.

LinkedIn: A platform primarily made up of business professionals, is a great tool for those looking for opportunities and especially helpful when marketing business to business. If you are looking to network with fellow professionals, LinkedIn is your spot.

Google+: Regardless of Google’s dominance in the online arena, Google+ is still finding itself in terms of social media. Many users find that it is a better source for news without an influx of “junk”.

Pinterest: It’s no secret that photos are more engaging than text. This very visual social media giant has recently gained momentum, especially among women. Pinterest is excellent for enhancing consumer creativity and is a great tool for enticing users to visit your site.

Instagram: Since photos rule, Instagram is another up-and-coming social media platform that is excellent for brands. Users can upload and edit photos, add captions, and comment on others’ photos. They can even share them on their other existing social media profiles.

It is a good idea to make a habit of exposing your brand on all of these platforms, as well as the many more that exist out there. Wouldn’t you want as much exposure for your brand or business as possible?

Once you choose how you will utilize each platform you need to determine what information you want to be sharing and its purpose then you will begin to add followers or friends that you have worked with or who have similar interests. The information you chose to share should be of interest to your circle of friends.

Remember, the purpose of social media is to:

defend your reputation
– build your brand and gain visibility
– increase customer leads and conversions
– maximize customer retention
– participate in proactive customer service
– keep up with competition

Once you open yourself up to the world of social media, not only are you increasing your online presence but you are also opening yourself up to negative feedback that could potentially harm your brand reputation. Don’t let this be a deterrent, as it is actually an opportunity in disguise. Social media allows you to interact with your customers in BOTH positive and negative situations, and both have the potential to create loyal customers/friends/followers. Having the chance to publicly rectify a negative experience shows that individual, as well as the public, that you care and that their business is important.

Time is of the essence in the world of social media for business – stay relevant, be quick, and most importantly enjoy it!

Written by Sureena Johl



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