Training and Learning Center

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Training and Learning Center

As the world of marketing has moved from traditional to digital and social media, a growing need for an end-to-end Internet marketing training program has become clearer than ever. We have partnered with Market Motive to provide comprehensive Internet marketing training and respected credentials that enable any business or individual(s) to enhance their expertise.

Creatine Marketing’s Internet marketing training program covers all facets of interactive marketing, focusing on practical applications and strategic best practices proven to maximize every marketing dollar. Our professional development series provides students with the most current, topical online marketing training material possible.

Get Trained and Certified in:

  Online Marketing Fundamentals         Social Media Marketing

  Search Engine Optimization             YouTube Marketing & Online PR YouTube Marketing & Online PR

  Web Analytics                               Pay Per Click Advertising

  Conversion Optimization

Our Training Programs are Flexible and Self-Paced

  • Open enrollment means you can start your training immediately.
  • Enjoy anytime Q&A with faculty and other students in the forums.
  • Cross-train in all aspects of online marketing
  • Attend live weekly inter-disciplinary training webinars.
  • No travel required. Learn from your desktop anytime.
  • Pay less than the cost of a University course or industry conference.

What makes our courses the best in the industry: 

It can be completed at your own paceThis is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules because the curriculum, which is designed by educators, is organized and guides you through a number of varying social media topics. The flexibility of our course will allow you to complete assignments and quizzes when it is convenient for you.
No Hidden FeesYou pay for one membership that provides you access to all the modules, topics, chat forums, and webinars.
Up-to-date InformationOur lessons are not available for download because we want you to have the most current material. To guarantee this, we are constantly updating the videos on our server to reflect industry changes.