Volkswagen Giving Away The World’s First Complete Facebook Vehicle

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November 2, 2011
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November 3, 2011
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Volkswagen Giving Away The World’s First Complete Facebook Vehicle

When it comes to social media Volkswagen are always ahead of the game and their latest campaign in Holland aims to let one of their fans win the world’s first Facebook car or van. It’s all based on two of their most classic models and fans are asked to vote on which of the two iconic vehicles they would like to have converted in to a fully working social media hub. Once the winner has been selected they’ll be able to access “unexpected social features” on the vehicle including printing your status updates from an on board printer and changing gears using a Facebook like button shaped gearstick. You’ll also be able to change your relationship status on the license plate, share your photos and of course the final touch of the hard to miss distinctive light blue shade made famous by Facebook. The features are clearly more gimmicks than anything that would ever be incorporated in to an actual car but we have to say we love the campaign and would absolutely kill to win one of these classics.


Original article written by Niall Harbison at Simply Zesty


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