Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic

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December 28, 2013
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Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic

Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic  Women have always been critical targets for marketing and advertising. For decades, in the US, women remained in the home so commercials in print, on television and on radio were almost exclusively targeted towards Caucasian middle class females.

Today women control more than half of household spending from groceries to personal hygiene items, to new cars, vacations, electronics, and healthcare.

This probably isn’t breaking news, by any means, but the interesting statistic is that, “over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history.” – Claire Behar Senior Partner & Director, New Business Development, Fleishman-Hillard New York

Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic  Another fascinating piece of research states that “the number of wealthy women investors in the US is growing at a faster rate than that of men. In a two-year period, the number of wealthy women in the US grew 68%, while the number of men grew only 36%.- The Spectrum Group

Social media marketing, the current major advertising arena, is no different than the aforementioned traditional marketing avenues.  Because women spend more time on social media web sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, businesses tend to craft advertisements geared towards impressing them. And that is a very clever tactic.

If your digital media marketing strategy ignores what women want and need, your company should consider restructuring your campaign because 22% of women shop online at least once every day and 92% of those women pass along information about deals or finds to others. – Mindshare/Oglivy&Mather

Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic  Most well seasoned advertising and marketing agencies are well aware of the American female’s impact on the consumer market—which is why it is impossible to log into your social networks without seeing advertisements that are conspicuously meant for women.

Women have formed strong and vibrant communities online and turn to social media to discuss motherhood, family, balance, career goals, fashion, news—and more then ever they are using social media in business. Females have long struggled against cultural and social biases that made it tougher for them to succeed in the business world, but due in large part to the opportunities provided by the Internet and social media, those struggles are diminishing.

Check out this blurb from the article titled Women Entrepreneurs & Social Marketing- A Natural Fit featured on StartUpNation.com:

Why Social Media Marketing Targets the Female Demographic

The author of the article also writes, “the bottom line is…doing what most women do naturally—creating relationships, community, connections, and support—is what social networking is all about.” Understanding this is a crucial to developing a well-rounded social media marketing campaign that includes the values that women identify with.


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