Why Some CEOs Just Don’t Get Social Media Internet Marketing

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September 17, 2013
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Why Some CEOs Just Don’t Get Social Media Internet Marketing

Why Some CEOs Just Don't Get Social Media Internet MarketingSurprisingly, more than 72% of Fortune 500 company CEO’s do not have a presence on popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You would think that these professionals would want to get involved with social media, because it is the wave of the future as far as connections and leads are concerned.

The CEOs that are involved with social media brand management seem to predominantly use LinkedIn, but other platforms are getting little to no attention at all. This is really surprising, since other platforms are known to help businesses successfully grow their customer bases.

Top Reasons Why CEO’s Don’t Get Social Media Marketing

The big underlying question is why aren’t administrators and CEOs learning about the best social networking for business platforms. Can it be attributed to their age since they will most likely be older? While it’s true that a generation gap can have some effect on feelings towards social media, you would think that professionals high on the corporate ladder would want to embrace anything that they could, to ensure future business growth. Could it be that they just aren’t familiar with the process? After doing a little research, it is clear that there are many surprising and shocking reasons why CEOs simply just don’t get social media Internet marketing as a whole.

  • They often feel too old to get involved with social media networks.
  • They are unfamiliar with how social media works, and what is possible.
  • They believe it is too risky, and information could potentially be compromised.
  • They feel that their mistakes will be magnified, and they could get negative press.
  • Why Some CEOs Just Don't Get Social Media Internet MarketingThey feel as if the commitment is just too great.
  • They don’t have the time or the manpower to effectively manage social media pages.
  • They feel that it is detrimental and distracting to employee productivity.
  • They have simply never learned to use it.
  • They are very skeptical that it actually makes a difference.
  • Traditional media is still much larger, and they have less risk involved with traditional media.
  • Many CEO’s just don’t want to be transparent about their companies.
  • They feel as if their marketing dollars will be better spent elsewhere.

Are CEO’s Giving Valid Reasons or Excuses?

To some people the reasons that CEOs don’t get social media are just excuses, but they do hold some credence with other industry professionals. Social media is fairly new, and time is money. Most of these professionals want to ensure that their marketing money is well spent, so they are simply waiting to determine whether or not social media is feasible longevity wise. There is little solid proof of how well social media Internet marketing can actually work as far as growth is concerned, because there are not many tools available that will give an accurate analysis.

However, in terms of SEO, social media helps strengthen your brand, increase your visiblity online, to build authority for your business, and to show consumers the human face of your company. Because today’s consumer tends to feel an emotional connection to whatever they purchase, they want to know who they are buying from. If they percieve the CEO of a company as trustworthy, relatable, innovative, and intelligent they are far more likely to buy his or her product. Just consider Steve Jobs, one of America’s heros!

Why Some CEOs Just Don't Get Social Media Internet Marketing

For CEOs that want to give it a shot, there are plenty of social media tips online that can help them to get started with the process.


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